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Blog - The Making of a Flower Farm

  • The Start of the Journey

    The Start of the Journey

    Sunday 18th August 2019

    ‘That sounds like extremely hard work,’ my husband said when I told him I wanted to grow flowers for a living. Nevertheless he agreed to sell up and move to a house with enough land to enable me to realise my dream.

  • Hoglets and other Wildlife

    Hoglets and other Wildlife

    Monday 22nd June 2020

    One of the reasons I wanted to work on the land was to have a connection with wildlife and the natural world. My goal is to garden and grow flowers in a way that has minimal impact on the wildlife in the garden and flower farm. I don’t use any pesticides or harmful chemicals and I feed the soil with home made compost, pelleted chicken manure and sheep manure.

  • Polytunnel Preparation

    Polytunnel Preparation

    Thursday 15th October 2020

    I’ve just had an email to say my polytunnel is finally on its way. I ordered it five weeks ago from Northern Polytunnels. Having a polytunnel has been a long-held dream and I can’t believe it's finally going to happen.

  • Building a Polytunnel on a Slope

    Building a Polytunnel on a Slope

    Saturday 14th November 2020

    Why did we want to build a polytunnel on a slope? Well here, on our hilly site in Mid-Wales, there was just no other option.

  • Sowing Sweet Peas

    Sowing Sweet Peas

    Sunday 27th December 2020

    Today I sowed my sweet peas. I sowed them in root trainers in a mix of peat free compost and vermiculite about 1cm deep with vermiculite on top. I didn’t soak them as I have found in the past that they do fine without. When they get to be about 4-6 inches high I will pinch out the tips to make them branch.

  • Organising Seeds

    Organising Seeds

    Tuesday 2nd March 2021

    I have a seed addiction. I got very excited this morning when my Hardy Plant Society seeds arrived. However, the problem I have is how to organise them so that I don't forget to sow them, and I can find the right seed packet when I need it.

  • Keeping Snapdragons Straight

    Keeping Snapdragons Straight

    Thursday 9th September 2021

    Keeping snapdragons straight can be a challenge. They like to bend and twist towards the light. In this article I describe how I do it.