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Fresh Flowers Grown in Wales


I'm a flower grower in Mid Wales, located off the beaten track at an altitude of 1100 feet. I have around half an acre of growing space in a beautiful part of the Welsh countryside, surrounded by fields and wildlife.

My dream to run a flower farm started when I was on dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant. Sitting perfectly still connected to a machine for four hours, three times a week, looking at sterile white walls made me long to be outside in green spaces and to be doing something abundant.

My wonderful husband donated one of his kidneys, to make me well, and in return I persuaded him to move from our comfortable house in Nottingham to our new home in rural Mid Wales.

We moved here in September 2019 and are in the process of building a flower farm on the field opposite our house. To read about the journey see our 'The making of a Flower Farm' blog. My goal is to grow beautiful, seasonal flowers without harmful chemicals and in tune with nature. My flowers are grown with love and care.

My Click-and-Collect website is now live and I will be providing buckets of flowers for DIY brides, bouquets, and dried flowers. See our Welsh Grown Flowers page for more information.

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Why Foxtail Flowers?

There are two reasons why I picked the name Foxtail Flowers, the first was its association with nature and the way it reflects the wildlife and wildness of the area where I grow my flowers.

The second reason is because the Foxtail Lily (Eremurus) is an elegant, unusual and eye-catching plant and I want that to be the inspiration for the type of flowers I grow and sell.